Saturday, March 8, 2008

Welcome to Boomvang

Welcome to my on-line somewhat more chaotic and less edited version of my zine, Boomvang. Expect a lot more about babies and dirty laundry and a lot less about anything highbrow or requiring more than 10 minutes to create in comparison to the print version of Boomvang. Also, this on-line version will contain 90% fewer swear words than the print version. Sorry but now I have kids and work for a government agency, so I can't get too crazy in the public arena.

Onward with Boomvang on-line! By the way, someone else already had the blog name of, can you believe it? There are just too many of us out here typing away into the void. Someone else also already had the e-mail address of christycrow. So much for individuality!

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