Monday, April 28, 2008

Book Review - Three Cups of Tea

I read a really interesting book a couple months back (hey, cut me some slack here, I'm trying to catch up on my book reviews) called Three Cups of Tea. It was simultaneously recommended by three of my good friends who are all big readers, Allie, Caitlin, and Elise. Elise loaned me her copy of the book.

It is a really fascinating account of an American climber's crusade to bring schools to girls in the mountainous regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan. It is simultaneously a fascinating book about the author's personal life but also provides a lot of insight into both Afghani and Pakistani culture in the remote areas where he works. Although the first couple of chapters were a bit of a slog, it was ultimately a really interesting book that was uplifting and well worth the read.

The book is also a compelling vision for a better way to convince the world that America is not an evil cultural juggernaut trying to destroy the world with our evil consumerist ways. Greg Mortensen's work is a better strategy for reducing terrorism than all of our bombing and war-making.

For more about the book, look here

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