Tuesday, April 8, 2008

March Madness Mayhem

They may look like spies out on a mission to fight evil doers but they are actually this year's bracketology bum kickers, Rob and Becca (plus Ava riding shotgun).

So let's just start with the brutal truth, my bracket sucked this year, as it does most years due to my almost complete, woeful, lack of knowledge concerning college basketball. Other than the fact that my dad yells at referees and they actually occasionally call traveling in college basketball as opposed to the NBA, I don't know much about college ball despite attending dozens of games in my childhood.

Rob was the King of the Brackets this year, although there is some controversy concerning this point. Every year a few people do not get their brackets together before the games actually start and every year there is debate as to whether these people a) totally suck and b) whether their brackets count in any way shape or form. This year that basketball pariah was Becca, whose bracket also turned out quite well I hear but it doesn't count so no matter.

My bracket was barely saved from the bottom of the barrel by my pick of KU as the overall winner. This wasn't a super bold pick this year as Kansas had a kick butt year and everyone knows that the Jayhawks are a very powerful mascot. Apparently the really good way to pick your bracket is by using higher math. Either way, whatever random noise of the universe directed my bracketology this year was weak. Better luck next year.

Despite the annoying fact that all of the number one seeds ended up in the final 4 (apparently a feat never before accomplished), there were two semi-blowouts in the final four and the final game was a total nail-biter. I almost couldn't watch it as I was torn between worrying about how bummed out Mitch would be if KU lost (nothing like how upset Seth gets over sports losses but still not a happy camper) and worrying about how upset Tiffany might be if Memphis lost, and finally, feeling sorry for the poor suckers who lost, whoever they were. All of the college players seem so earnest and young and desperate to win that I feel bad for whoever loses. You can see why I'm not a huge sports fan and don't watch too many games. It's all a bit of an emotional minefield as far as I am concerned.

In the end it all turned out alright as KU won in a stunning comeback victory, thus propelling my bracket to not last, but second to last, despite an appalling number of incorrect picks (I don't even know how many games I actually got wrong, but it was a lot).

So there it was, March Madness, over for another year.

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Scott said...

After reading your post, I thought this whole basketball thing was over now and I could stop hearing about it, but Mitch reminded me that there's this whole other type of basketball where apparently they're professionals or something. So I guess there's more...