Saturday, April 5, 2008

Daughters Kick Butt - Follow-up

My best blog buddy, Scott (the only one who ever posts comments and who, by the way, recently started his own blog, which I am sure, due to his technological prowess and obsessive-compulsive personality, will soon outstrip all blogs everywhere in complexity and cool doo-dads), recently made me aware of a great review of the recent Horton Hears a Who movie (he made me aware of said review by linking to it in a comment to my previous post-let this be a lesson to everyone everywhere, comments rock). The review is by Peter Sagal (of Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me fame) and it is a wonderful testament to why anyone who ever considered not valuing their daughters, or even crazier, actually instituting some unnatural selection of their own and getting rid of a daughter, should seriously reconsider. Perhaps I should state this even more strongly than seriously reconsider, how about, should have their freaking head examined??? Or give up on reproduction period.

Because I loved it so, I am posting a link to this wonderful review here. In case you are wondering, and can't be bothered to read the review, Horton Hears a Who has some serious gender issues. And no, I won't be taking my daughters to see this crappy hollywood imagining of a book that we can all imagine perfectly well (I might even argue, BETTER) in our own minds. God forbid that any of us should actually have to read a book, rather than have it spelled out for us on a giant screen with bonus crappy, gender-biased side plots.


Scott said...

Yay! I'm an obsessive compulsive best blog buddy :)

Scott said...

PS: your blog currently has far more gizmos than mine ;)

Tyler and Chloe's Mommy said...

With working all day, driving home exhausted in traffic no less, and getting no sleep at night, you and your blog rock! You're an inspiration. A little late, but I'm happy that Josie Bean is doing well. Sorry you had to go through all that at the hospital.