Saturday, April 5, 2008

List #101.6 - Unexpected Things About My Life So Far

My wonderful mother-in-law, Barbara Jo, once told me that the way to evaluate a person is not on what they plan to do with their lives but instead, on how they dealt with what actually happened to them in their lives (often quite different than our best laid plans). Wallace Stegner once wrote an amazing book about this topic (among other things like friendship, love, loss, and the passing of time). I was recently thinking about some of the things in my life so far that have been unexpected and I compiled the following list. I have detailed little explanations for each one but I think I will save them for another time and just let the list stand on its own.

List #101.6: The Top Seven Unexpected Things About My Life So Far

7. That I actually live, voluntarily, in southern California
6. I have a job, where on occasion, I wear a badge.
5. I commute 22 miles each way to work - in a car.
4. I work for the federal government.
3. The satisfaction of simple domestic things.
2. My mom is no longer living.
1. The persistence of friendship.

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