Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Swell Birthday

Rob gives Megan, Ava, and Lucy surfing lessons.
Forty years gone by already. It is hard to believe that I am married to someone so old. Seriously, forty seems like nothing, like a flash in the pan, a blink of an eye, and every other cliche you can think of to indicate that not much time has passed. We had a fantastic time celebrating Mitch's 40th year. Thanks so much to all of our friends and family who were able to come and visit for the weekend. For those of you that couldn't come, we missed you and we hope to see you soon. If you want to see a BUNCH of wonderful pictures of the weekend look at Scott's album on fotki.

The beach house ended up being IDEAL. It was a beautiful house and the beach right outside the house was perfect for little people and surfers. At low tide the beach was a wonderful sprawl of shallow water and interesting rocks for poking around in. There was also a small surf break a short ways out from the house. So there was plenty of sand and surf for everyone. Too many good things happened all weekend long for me to detail them all in the ten minutes I have before I fall asleep or Josie starts crying or Lucy gets out of bed and throws something (anything) into the toilet. So here, instead, is a top ten list for the weekend.

List 1.2 Top Twelve Happenings of the 40th Birthday Weekend

12. Kites - Stuart's beautiful ones and Little Jimmy's Kite of Death.
11. Recycling a-go-go. Tiffany brought her plastic recycling on the plane from Mississippi so she could recycle it in California.
10. Surf's up dude. The boys and girls caught some waves.
9. The people make the party. Our people came from near and far. We ate food, we yucked it up, we hung out like it was going out of style.
8. Sandy sandersons. The kids went crazy on and off the beach, eating sand, getting in the washtub, sharing and not sharing toys, stubbing their toes, making us all laugh.
7. Dolphin glee. The dolphins came, more than once!
6. Better than a seashell. The sound of the ocean.
5. The cake. It was so hideous that it went beyond hideous into the sublime.
4. What calories? The cheesecake, it really was sublime.
3. No June Gloom here. The weather was warm and bright.
2. Night surfing.
1. Our peeps. Did I mention that our friends and family came? Well they did, and they made the weekend the best ever. (we really did miss those of you who weren't there. we love you too).

Here are just a few of Scott's pictures from the weekend. Got to go, Josie woke up.


Scott said...

It was a GREAT weekend! I don't have much more to say, since I've already said it here.

Tiffany A said...
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Tiffany A said...

Oops... I tried to say: it is indeed easier to take getting older when the peeps are there, and I'm glad we could make it! THANKS for a super party!!!!! It's really not as fun here in the south. Ho hum.