Monday, July 6, 2009

Day 6

Josie playing peek a boo with my hat this morning.

See that little white trim and all the shims - that is pretty much a full days work.
I'm pretty sure little Jimmy hates these doors right about now.

Will a better level or a bigger t square solve this problem? only time will tell.

Tomorrow it is back to the office. It's been a fun week - kind of like a mini-summer vacation. Spending so much time with the girls without Mitch has had its challenges but has been great fun as well. Today Barbara and I took them to pump it up so they could play on all the inflatable slides and jumpy things. They both emerged unscathed but I jammed my index finger, lost a layer of skin on my elbow, and got some kind of a weird rubber burn on my thumb. Go figure.

The guys finished putting the plywood on the roof and then spent the rest of the day beating their heads against attempts to hang the french doors. I think it was probably the most frustrating day so far for them. Mitch is at Lowe's right now (9:45 at night) trying to purchase a larger and better level and t-square so that they will have better luck tomorrow.

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