Saturday, July 25, 2009

Making the Most of a Small Space

The whole garden in its glory. Tomatoes in back, strawberries up front.

Can you find the strawberry in this picture? Hunting for strawberries is a popular family activity.

Chives and matoes. When Josie picks these flowers Mitch wonders for hours where the onion smell in the house is coming from.

We're hoping for late summer cucumbers from these lovely yellow blooms. We also have watermelons in flower.

Our back yard is very shady and is currently a dirt hell hole covered in plywood and construction supplies. Our front yard is sunny but full of overgrown native plants. On the side right next to the driveway last year Mitch built me a lovely 6 feet by 4 feet garden box. It is now a sort of lovely overgrown, permaculture, hunt and find it treasure trove of fruits, herbs, and vegetables. Right now we are going into tomato season and continue to have a few strawberries to find and eat every day. The girls love this hide and seek harvesting although it does make it difficult to make the transition from house to van some days (too much time is spent detouring on finding the strawberries). We have a little bit of basil, thyme, chives, and too much spearmint that constantly has to be cut back. And finally, we are looking forward to cucumber season later this summer.

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