Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 8

Ahh, look at all those doors and windows!
Look at that flashing on the roof!

Barbara and I got these boots at a thrift store for Lucy on the last day that Barbara and Jim were in town. They were a big hit among both the girls (the tractor belongs to a friend of Lucy's).

O.k., so this was almost a week ago but this was the last family work day on the little house. Little Jimmy and Mitch put in the final window (except for the uppers), put on the roofing felt, and put flashing on the sides of the roof. It is really coming together. Since this picture was taken Mitch has also shingled the roof. There is still so much to do that at times I despair. Especially since it is impossible to work on the house unless one of us takes care of the girls solo while the other one works.

This weekend I also removed the huge pile of removed vegetation from our back yard and put it in a rented dumpster. All that remains of our back yard is a small square dirt pit. I find it very depressing. It breaks my heart that we had to rip out all the vegetation that I put in (the native plants, the little patch of grass, the pretty orange trumpet vine, the jasmine) even if it was all a little overgrown and crazy. It also breaks my heart and makes me crazy that we can't fix the yard until the house is done which seems like an eternity away at this point. Oh well. All part of the process I guess.

A HUGE thanks to Barbara and Jim for helping us get this project off the ground. Hopefully some day they will stay in the little house although I've heard that the lack of a bathroom may be a deal breaker. Come on Little Jimmy, you can pee in the grass once we get it back in...

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