Friday, July 3, 2009

Day Two

The house at the end of the day.

The blueberries we picked. The red bucket are Lucy's picks.

More adventures today (really yesterday since I am writing this Friday morning). Barbara, Lucy, Josie and I walked to the grocery store. Then I dug some dirt in the yard for the house project. Then we went and picked blueberries at Underwood Family Farms in Somis. It was more like an easter egg hunt then agricultural picking because it is getting to the end of the season. Lucy and Grandma Jo were great pickers. Josie pretty much ran around eating the berries.

Mitch and Jim worked hard on the house building all day. They got the floor finished and went to the re-store. They came back with a whole new set of doors and decided not to use any of the doors that we had collected over the last month. Kind of annoying except that the new doors they got are quite nice.

Lucy did some funny stuff but I wasn't able to capture it on film (see bottom of post). During quiet time she put all her princess dolls inside her princess high heels and lined them up on the floor. When I asked her what the princesses were doing she said they were out driving in their princess drivers. At her swimming lesson she kept giving Grandma the thumbs up after everyone of her swimming performances. I think she is actually learning to swim. She actively cruises around under the water on the platform while she is waiting for her turn during the lesson. She also "swam" back to the platform by herself from a few feet out.

Salmon brown rice and salad after another long day of work for the boys.

Lucy doing her paparrazzi routine at home and at the farm.

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