Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 7

I hate these "expletive" doors. Little Jimmy never said this, but I bet he thought it a time or two...
Look! They open!!
Looking good! Real progress here. Note the one missing window on the side still and the lack of covering and flashing on the roof.

The doors were hung with care. They actually swing open and closed. It's a remodeling miracle!! The two "door" windows are in as well! Day 7 was actually last week on Tuesday July 7th. Sorry for the delay in updating this. We've been busy working on the house and Josie is making us crazy at night with lots of crying and waking up.

I took Lucy to swim lessons on this day. She is doing awesome in swim lessons. We went to the beach this weekend and Lucy was swimming all over the place with her life jacket on. She has really turned the corner in the swimming department.

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