Saturday, July 4, 2009

Day Four - Happy Independence Day

The fourth of July was full of ups and downs as always. At this point in my life, I don't really give a darn about fireworks but I do love a good parade. We had a rushed but nice time walking the push 'em pull 'em parade in Ventura. We barely made it into the parade due to a late start but then walking was fun as always. This year we managed to dress in red white and blue but next year I am hoping to take it up a notch and decorate the stroller with streamers and balloons. Walking in the parade totally reminds me of all the fourth of july parades I walked in as a kid with my bike or wagon and my dog. We all rode in our pick-up truck with streamers one year. And one year I walked with my friend Vic Moore in a small town parade wearing a Vic for county supervisor button.

After the parade we played at the park for an hour and had a picnic lunch. That would have been great except that we had to tolerate a church revival meeting going on in the pavilion ten feet away for the whole time. The singing wasn't too bad (although stomp on satan's little head was the refrain of one song) but the testifying and then the urging of all parents with kids at the playground to come over and be saved to ensure that their kids would go to heaven was TOO much.

I had a lonely trip to the park with Lucy and Josie. We were the only ones there and it reminded me of the couple of times that I made no plans for the 4th of July weekend because Mitch said he was going to stay and work in the lab, only to have Mitch make last minute plans with his brother or someone else and take off for the weekend. That wasn't the best part of the day although Josie and Lucy played together wonderfully towards the end and that was a pleasure to watch.

We had a nice dinner with Barb's sister Pat who is a big favorite of Lucy's. And then too late of a bed time meant an hour of Josie crying. All in all a complex and long day. As you can see by the photos, Jim and Mitch didn't really take a rest day. One more wall is up.

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