Sunday, July 5, 2009

Day Five

Can I just say that writing in the blog every day is kind of a pain in the neck? It is not as much fun when one feels obligated to do it. But I committed to keeping up a daily tally of the house building at least until Jim and Barbara leave, at which point the pace of construction will slow considerably and daily logs will no longer be required.

Today the last wall got framed, the roof got framed, and about two thirds of the plywood for the roof was installed. One of the factors slowing us down is that although Jim rises by 6 AM and is ready to start hammering by 6:15, we aren't up yet and likely none of our neighbors are up at that point either. So real construction can't start until a more reasonable hour like 8:30 or 9:00. Tonight the guys kept working until after dark, thus the picture where they both look like zombies. I only have one more day off of work but I think Jim and Barbara will be able to stay a couple of more days. I don't know what is on the agenda for tomorrow. I'm sure finishing the roof. Maybe trying to hang the doors or do some of the exterior plywood work.

While construction went on today Lucy, Josie and I went to a dog show at the fairgrounds with Barbara, her sister Pat, and Pat's boyfriend Paul. Lucy was really off her game today - I think she didn't get enough sleep. She threw a total of four complete fits, one of which was while we were trying to leave the dog show. The dog show was really odd - Best in Show was a very accurate movie. All the people were dressed up, the dogs had funny hair-dos and fancy jewelry in their hair, and everyone was groomed within an inch of their life. We also saw a couple of dogs hike a leg on various indoor furnishings. It was odd to see so many identical versions of a dog. I'm a mutt person myself so I'm not used to seeing 15 nearly identical bulldogs, or silukis, or what have you. There were also a lot of strange breeds that you don't typically see including some pharoah hounds (my old dog Cleo was part pharoah hound). It was interesting but the girls found it frustrating since there was no playground equipment involved and you couldn't pet any of the dogs.

After nap time we had a great visit to the beach. The water was actually kind of warm and Josie and Lucy had a great time playing in the water and the sand.

More tomorrow.

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