Friday, August 15, 2008

Girls, Girls, Girls

Here they are in all their momentary glory. Josie is crawling up the playground equipment these days and going down the slide, by herself. Lucy is potty queen and only uses diapers when she's sleeping. Josie is still making us crazy on the sleep front by waking us up for long hours at night. Mitch tried to ferberize her last night but he couldn't do it. We decided she is too sensitive of a soul. When you let her cry, she acts like you have left her and are never coming back...

Lucy was typing letters on the computer today. She left for a while and when she came back, the screen saver was on. She said, "Oh NOOO, my blog!!"

When we were at the wedding last weekend, there were a couple of really cute little girls there (other than Lucy, Josie, and Ava of course) that were dressed to the nines. They had clean hair with pretty barrettes and they had on tights and super frilly dresses and shiny shoes. They were loving twirling around in their shiny shoes. Ava and Lucy and Josie had on their cotton casual dresses with pants underneath. And although we had recently wiped off their faces, I wouldn't say that their hair was particularly "styled" One of our friends at the wedding asked Becca why she didn't dress Ava like these other little girls. I'm not sure what Becca said to this person, but when she told Rob and me about it, Rob said, "We don't own that much wrapping paper. And it wouldn't be very environmentally sound to buy that much wrapping paper either." To which, Becca and I both replied, "We knew there was a reason why Becca married you."

We took Lucy and Josie to the zoo today. Lucy really wanted to see a python since we have been reading about a python in Egad Alligator. Lucky for us, they had a very spectacular python at the Santa Barbara Zoo.

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Scott said...

Lucy and Josie are so adorable. I've always been a big fan of Lucy's personality, and she continues to be delightful. Visual proof available here: