Saturday, August 23, 2008

Pictures of the Girls

Josie plays the kazoo. Seriously, she actually puts it in her mouth properly and plays it. Wearing going to video this soon so we have it for prosperity. Here she is sporting a hat that Mitch bought for her while she was in the womb. Isn't she cute? She still doesn't have any teeth but she still manages to eat a lot including, for dinner tonight, ravioli, banana, parmesan cheese, toddler stars, and more.

Lucy has a great imagination and enjoyed playing "hair dresser" with Big Josie when she came to visit with her mom Mia last weekend and this weekend. Mia and Josie actually babysat for us while Mitch and I went out for dinner and a stroll on the beach. It was very nice to have some alone time.

Mitch is playing the guitars a lot these days including his Gretsch electric guitar (not a gibson, sorry about that), his Fender stratocaster, and more. The acoustic has disappeared for the time being.