Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sucked Into to Watching Heroes: a show with possibly the worst voice overs EVER

So friends of ours convinced us to watch some episodes of the t.v. show Heroes, claiming it was very entertaining. I was so appalled by the first three episodes that I couldn't believe that anyone would enjoy such a stupid show. The sheer number of totally unbelievable, wrong-headed, totally crap pseudoscience voice overs in every episode concerning evolution were simply horrendous. But the same friends swore that the voice overs became less frequent as the show went on, so we watched a few more episodes.

Well the pseudoscience remains, and the majority of the "abilities" that people are supposed to have evolved make absolutely no sense, but somehow it is completely compelling. The plot moves along at a good clip, some of the characters are utterly charming (namely Hiro Nakamura), and in season two they even try to throw the ladies a bone by cutting Peter Petrelli's hair and making him wear muscle shirts for a little eye candy.

I am still pretty annoyed by all the stupid crap that gets spewed in some mumbo jumbo totally unsound hollywood approximation at a modern magical take on human evolution, but it is a fun show to watch. If you decide to check it out, you really have to break on through the first about 6 episodes before it becomes addictive and you learn to ignore the lame references to evolution (as if your average person didn't already have enough wrongheaded ideas about evolution, now we have to add to that list people thinking that humans will be able to evolve the ability to communicate with pay per view t.v. or melt metal...).

anyway, if you are looking for one hour blocks of entertainment, check out Heroes, the first two seasons are out (season 1 on DVD season 2 on netflix).


Tiffany A said...

Haven't seen the show, and even though you say it is compelling, I won't -- I have enough crap tv to watch without adding a show that perpetuates more crazy notions of evolution (such as Saving Grace, which has progressed to include physical relations between people that, in the movies, warrants an R rating). On the upshot, maybe it will make evolution "cool," which may actually counter the appeal of ID.

Scott said...

Whew, I'm glad that post turned around there at the end, since I'm pretty sure I was one of those that recommended it, and Carrie and I love it - I've already got season two preordered. I agree with you about the silly pseudo-science voiceovers, but I was completely willing to forgive that due to the compelling plot, awesome characters and overall superhero goodness, not to mention the abiding sense of mystery - it kept me wondering what the hell was going on, and more importantly, made me want to find out. Unfortunately, I found the climactic season finale disappointing, but otherwise it's one of my favorite series so far. We're just about finished with season 3 of Battlestar Galactica, and then it's on to The Wire, and then season two of Heroes... so we've got our TV fix pretty hooked up for a while :)