Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hippie flea trap: 0, Christy's samurai flea catching skills: 12

Now is not a good time to come and visit us, unless you are recruiting for a flea circus. The sad departure of Jeb (who Katafanga and I miss, but whose absence is being celebrated by Kathmandu and Mitch) back to the kennel has apparently left a major void in our household flea ecology. I think the warm weather may have also generated some major flea egg hatches.

Despite applying massive doses of flea disrupting hormone and flea killing chemicals to the cats, spraying the outside flea habitat, and several episodes of rug washing and vacuuming, even brief episodes of sitting on our furniture or touching our carpets result in several fleas hopping all over a person. Mitch has been picking three to four fleas off Josie every couple of hours. It reminds me of the massive flea episodes in our house growing up (thus clearly explaining why our chickenpox was initially misdiagnosed by our parents as flea bites).

I don't want to use crazy chemicals on the carpets since Josie is crawling all over them and putting everything in her mouth. I tried a hippie flea killing trick of a light bulb over a pan of water. So far, zero fleas in the hippie death trap. Using myself as a living flea trap, has, however, resulted in the capture and death by drowning of 12 fleas in one short hour.

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Scott said...

I trust you'll all be thoroughly disinfected before your upcoming visit :) Can't wait to see you, fleas or not!