Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekend Update: Davis Summer to Marin Summer

We spent last weekend visiting friends in Davis and Marin. We drove up to Davis first and it was a relatively painless drive. Lucy watched 5 hours of Monsters Inc. and Nemo while Josie put whatever I gave her every five minutes into her mouth for exploration time. We arrived at Scott and Carrie's house around dinner time. Scott thoughtfully picked up dinner from Dos Coyotes (Mitch's pre-req. for any visit to Davis) and we hung out for a bit before bath time and bed time. It was hot and bright in Davis. Even though Davis isn't that much farther north than us, it somehow seems so much brighter there longer into the evening and earlier in the morning. Anyway, we had a nice time with our short visit with Scott and Carrie and Charley the dog. Scott and Carrie's house was the cleanest I have ever seen it. One nice thing was that it was still almost as dirty as our house which gives me hope that there are people on earth, even people without kids, whose houses are as dirty as mine. I missed out on my Davis pre-req.'s because we were only there for 1/4 of a day so visiting Bogey's books, the Davis Food Co-op, and the Nugget grocery store will have to wait until next time.

After Davis, on Saturday we drove over to Fort Barry in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area for our friend's Michael and Sarah's wedding. The wedding was at the Marin Headlands Center for the Arts. It was an amazing wedding with all local food (including local wines, produce, and....BACON!), carbon credits for all of us travelers, lots of great toasts, and I even got in an hour of dancing with Lucy and friends before I had to whisk the wee ones off to bed in the hostel. Lucy had a fantastic time playing with her friend Ava and doing topless pole dancing with the old pillars in the reception area. Mitch and I had a great time seeing old friends like Peter and Nathalie, Martha, Sudeep, and, randomly, people I knew in high school like Dan Zeichis and Liz Hammond. It was an adventure. Michael and Sarah had a lovely wedding with beautiful vows, lovely readings, and a generally groovalicious vibe.

Now we need to stay home next weekend and try and kill all the fleas in our house (yes, they are still here, and are still multiplying). We came back to lots of ripe pear tomatoes and lots of fleas. P.s. we also ate our first home grown ripe red pepper today. It wasn't that sweet... I'm still waiting for our japanese eggplant to get bigger than my big toe, but it has been weeks and it doesn't seem to be getting much bigger...


Scott said...

It was a fun visit! I'm glad to know our messiness makes you happy. If you'd like, next time we can just skip the pre-visit cleanup and then you'll feel REALLY good ;)

Jennifer Buck said...

sad sad news for you Christy - Bogey's books went out of business, perhaps the last straw that made Sam and I to move out of Davis.