Saturday, August 23, 2008

Taking it up a notch in the home decor department

Well I've been complaining for the past several months that our eleven foot yellow couch was starting to show its age. The cushions were getting dingy (they can be washed but have to be done by hand and so don't get washed very often). Some of the cushions were starting to sag a bit when you sat on them.

Mitch has been searching Craig's List every day for a piece of furniture to put all of his guitar amps and other music accoutrement into so that Josie won't eat it. In his regular perusing of home furnishing he stumbled upon a couch and love seat set that he liked. I liked it too so he went and bought them. The yellow couch is now in our garage waiting for a new home via craigs list.

All the new furniture makes the living room look really nice, when it isn't covered three feet deep in tossed off cheerios, alphabet blocks, toy trains, dirty baby socks, and unfolded laundry. Unfortunately, those moments aren't very often. The little fleas biting your ankles also take away from the chic look. But still, we like it. I even got new accent pillows for the new couch. Although I was on the fence about them and now that I see them in the picture, I'm going to take them back to pier one and look for ones I like better (the white one on the love seat I am keeping. The green pillows on the couch are out).

Mitch is even going to sew some of those granny-type couch protectors for the arms and back to keep the cats from destroying them. By the way, Mitch also found a crazy piece of furniture for his guitar stuff. It is a home bar that he reconfigured . Check it out below.

Yes, it is all trivia. But I think blog entries can be trivia. Most of mine are anyway. Hope you are all enjoying your furniture as much as we are.

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Tiffany A said...

Hey! Nice changes there -- congratulations! You mentioned in an earlier post that you were trying to get rid of the old yellow couch (long live the 11 ft sofa!); we offered up our old futon on freecycle, and it was hauled away within hours.