Friday, August 15, 2008

Not for the Squeamish, Better than Juice

Back when I was in college, both undergraduate and graduate, I had several friends who at one point or another, did a juice cleanse. What is a juice cleanse you ask? Well it is some crazy hippie thing where you fast for a couple of days or so and just drink juice. The point of the experience is to clean out your colon or intestine or something along those lines. I pretty much maintain a 2 hour rule concerning my own eating or else I and everyone around me really regrets it. So there were no juice fasts for me. Plus, as you can guess by the way I framed the whole discussion, I am unconvinced as to the medical reality of the juice cleanse.

Anyway, this post is to advise those of you who are looking for a good cleanse for your old colon, I have just the thing. Mitch took Josie and Lucy to the beach the other day and Josie ate about 2 lbs of sand. I don't know whether it was the saltiness or the scrubbing on the gums, but whatever it was, she was really digging the sand (literally and figuratively). And let me tell you, her colon got a good scrubbing.

So for those of you thinking about a juice fast, I recommend sand. You don't even have to fast, the other foods you eat just act like the base on the sandpaper.

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