Saturday, August 2, 2008

One last Saturday morning blog hurrah

Both Scott and Tiffany posted comments to my lamenting the loss of my previous life (check them out yourself by clicking on the comments icon below that post). Big thanks to them for chiming in from the blogosphere. Tiff suggested that what really eats up one's life is a 30 minute each way commute and putting in ten hours a day working for you, the American Tax Payer (she calls us the Man, but I prefer to call us The People). I like her spin on things. So let me say, I'm doing it all for you, my people, whoever you are, for you and the last remaining sliver of the Mediterranean Ecosystem that is hanging on down here in Southern California despite our efforts to pave it over, run it over, or poison it out of existence.

So after I save the world, help my daughters pick tomatoes, and change a few more diapers, I'll get back to you with some exciting climbing, reading, tea drinking, yoga posing, traveling, spanish-speaking posts, I promise.

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