Saturday, August 23, 2008

Has it come to this?

I guess it has. I have never been a super organized person. I have lost a lot of things in my life. My parents drove over my glasses. I lost lots of contact lenses. I have a ton of single earrings and single socks. But this is really over the top. This is a first. Now, when I go running (as I did yesterday morning), I have to wear the "pair" of shoes shown above. It may not leap out at you, but this "pair" consists of one running shoe and one nike light hiker. I have managed to misplace both of the matches to these shoes.

It truly is crazy making. I blame this all on the fact that Josie's freaking crib is still in our bedroom, parked directly in front of my dresser. This means that I have not been able to open my clothes dresser for the past 11 months. As an adaptation, I am now storing my clothes in crates in front of my closet (takes me back to my undergraduate days...). The consequence of this strategy is that 15 tons of clothes are also piled on top of my shoe storage area. I had managed to keep track of the four pairs of shoes that I am regularly wearing (my running shoes, flip flops, slides, and some doc marten mary-janes) but now one of my running shoes and one of my light hikers have disappeared into the void.

Some of the details of my life kind of suck right now...

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Tiffany A said...

Don't hurt yourself amiga -- that CAN'T be good for your back. Run on!